RosBREED's MAB In Action - Breeder Workshop

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MAB in Action: Integrating DNA information into your breeding program

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Target Audience

U.S. breeders and breeding-allied scientists of rosaceous crops.

Breeders and allied scientists of similar specialty crops and other countries are welcome.



Facilitate MAB in Rosaceae breeding programs by providing and discussing how-to on:

·         staying abreast of available DNA information

·         identifying valuable DNA information for your breeding program

·         choosing a suitable genetic screening service provider for your breeding program

·         adapting a genetic test to your breeding program

·         validating the robustness of a promising genetic test

·         determining the predictiveness of a genetic test for your breeding program

·         discovering the distribution of “jewels” in your germplasm

·         using DNA information to enhance crossing decisions

·         establishing routine DNA testing for seedlings


Expected Outcomes

1.     Participants will know where and how to access useful RosBREED resources (such as experts, information, tools, software, germplasm, collaborative networks) to enable their own MAB

2.     Participants will be enabled to integrate DNA information into their breeding programs

3.     Participants will be excited to use DNA information in the near future in their breeding programs




7:30 am                        Continental breakfast


8:00 am            Registration




8:15 am            1. Welcome & Introductions (Amy Iezzoni)


8:30 am            2. What is DNA-informed breeding? (Cameron Peace)


9:30 am            3. What does it take to conduct MAB in your program? (Cholani Weebadde)


9:45 am                        Break 30 min


10:15 am           4. What does it take… continued (Cholani Weebadde & Cameron Peace)


11:00 am           5. Systematically integrating DNA information into breeding: The MAB Pipeline (Cameron Peace)


11:45 am           6. Available QTLs for you (Cholani Weebadde)


12:00 noon                    Lunch 1 hour




1:00 pm            Overview of afternoon sessions (Cameron Peace)


1:05 pm            7. Which reported QTLs are worth your while? Prioritizing available marker-locus-trait associations (Cameron Peace)


1:25 pm            8. Who is going to run these tests? Finding service providers for genetic screening (Cameron Peace)


1:45 pm            9. How can the genetic test be made more user-friendly? Adapting a genetic test to the local service provider (Cameron Peace)


2:00 pm            10. Is it really predictive? Validating promising genetic tests (Cameron Peace)


2:45 pm            11. How cool is your genepool? Determining functional allele distributions in your germplasm (Cameron Peace)


3:15 pm                        Break 30 min


3:45 pm            12. What are some clever crosses? Conducting marker-assisted parent selection (Cameron Peace)


4:45 pm            13. What are the opportunities to cull inferior seedlings? Conducting marker-assisted seedling selection (Cameron Peace)


5:00 pm            14. Wrap-up (Cameron Peace, Cholani Weebadde, & Amy Iezzoni)


5:30 pm                        End of workshop

Calendar Date/Time: 
Mon, 07/30/2012 - 8:00am - 5:30pm