Cameron Peace, DNA-Informed Breeding Team Leader, Washington State University

The things you need to know at your fingertips, for available trait-predictive DNA tests. That’s the concept of DNA test cards, a series of “hold-in-your-hands” informational resources that RosBREED is now providing for each crop.

By standardizing the information associated with each available DNA test, allied scientists developing these tools are better directed in their experiments and calculations, ensuring that you have access to the information you need. A plethora of peach (and nectarine) DNA test cards were provided to Californian stone fruit breeders and associated professionals during RosBREED’s on-site visits in summer 2015. Regular updates of DNA test cards, provided in batches, ensure that you are up to date as more information is gathered, current DNA tests are improved, and new DNA tests are developed. DNA test cards are also available in their online format at:

The DNA test cards are not quite stand-alone – they come wrapped in a brochure targeted to each crop. These brochures include additional information to bring DNA tests into operation for your program, such as how to order your leaf sample collection kits, sample prices, a list of available DNA tests, and what you can expect when your results arrive.

If you would like a set of DNA test cards for your crop, or have any comments, please send me a message ( We hope the DNA tests reveal lots of jewels in your breeding germplasm!