Disease resistance + horticultural quality = new rosaceous cultivars

The introduction of new cultivars guarantees sustainability of the rosaceous fruit industry in a highly competitive business environment, by attracting consumers...  (click on the picture for futher reading)

New peach varieties with improved fruit quality will lead to increased consumer enjoyment and consumption and will contribute to the profitability and...    (click on John's picture to read more)

“Jewel in the Genome” is a phrase used in RosBREED to identify valuable rosaceous genetic discoveries that have been put into breeding application... (click on the image above for futher reading)

The training provided by RosBREED in the use of the software tool Pedimap facilitated an initiative to identify sources of resistance to verticillium wilt....   (click on the picture for futher reading)

New disease resistant tart cherry varieties with improved fruit quality will lead to increased consumer enjoyment and consumption and will contribute... (click on the picture above for futher reading)

The engine of RosBREED has been a cohort of 21 breeding trainees pursuing graduate degrees while embedded in demonstration breeding programs...     (click on the picture for futher reading)

Genetic tests were developed that predict peach maturity date and fruit quality traits including fruit texture, flavor, size, and skin color. These genetic... (click on the images above for futher reading)

Amy Iezzoni is a RosBREED Demonstration Breeder for tart cherry and is located at Michigan State University. To read more about Amy, click here...

Welcome to the RosBREED Project

A national team of scientists working on genomics, genetics, and breeding of rosaceous crops has been awarded funds for the first year of a $10 million, five year USDA-NIFA-SCRI competitive grant. The team will develop and apply modern DNA tests and related breeding methods to deliver new cultivars – cultivated varieties – that have both superior horticultural quality and improved disease resistance. This award, from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative, will be managed by Project Director Amy Iezzoni of Michigan State University. She and project co-Director Cameron Peace, Washington State University, will lead a group of 35 scientists from 14 U.S. institutions along with numerous international cooperators. Entitled “RosBREED: Combining Disease Resistance with Horticultural Quality in New Rosaceous Cultivars,” the project will adapt and demonstrate new .... [read more]


Marker-Locus-Trait Associations

A marker-locus-trait (M-L-T) association is a predictive genetic marker developed for specific locus that contribute to genetic variation for [read more...]

Project Description

Integration of modern genomics tools with traditional breeding approaches will transform crop improvement in Rosaceae [read more...]


Our latest newsletter has been posted and features "Blackberry Traveler", Featured Team Member Richard Bell, Meet the Extension Team.......

Richard Jones, a member of our extension advisory panel wrote a nice article on our project goals and objectives.  Be sure to read and share with your colleagues!


The meeting was held on January 8th, 2015 in San Diego, CA...

RosBREED: Combining disease resistance with horticultural quality in new rosaceous cultivars...

As RosBREED comes to a close, we present you with an update on our four-year project.  A Portfolio of Impact Statements summarizing major...

Read archived articles published over the last four years highlighting RosBREED's accomplishments in grower magazines, Science Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal....


Kate Evans, WSU pome fruit breeders discusses the importance of breeding new varieties.