Rosaceae Nemesis

Rosaceae Nemesis: Cherry Powdery Mildew

Management of foliar infection has been identified as a top priority for PNW stakeholders because nearly all commercially important scion cultivars are susceptible...

Jewels in the Genome

Pc-1 for Phytophthora Resistance in Strawberry

Phytophthora crown rot of strawberry, caused by Phytophthora cactorum, is a major contributor to root and crown rot on strawberries in wet and humid production regions...Developing cultivars with reduced susceptibility to Phytophthora crown rot is a high priority...

Cultivar Corner

'White Zest One'

‘White Zest One’ is a medium chill (500-550 chill units) peach, with striking white flesh that bleeds slightly from the deep blush on the skin...

Community Breeders

Functional Genotype Lists - a New DNA Information article

Functional genotype lists are an important part of the RosBREED project to develop DNA tests.