Photo: M. Olmstead, UF

Causal Organism: Monilinia fructicola

Type: Fungus (Ascomycete)

Plant Parts Affected:  Fruit, flowers and shoots

Crops Affected:  Peach and other Stone Fruits (e.g., Nectarine, Cherry, Plum, and Apricot)

Symptoms:  The fungus infects blossoms, shoots, and fruit.  Spores can be generated on all infected plant parts for secondary infections. Cankers can girdle shoots and lead to tip die back.  Under favorable weather conditions, lesions can cause the fruit to rot within days.  Spores of the fungus are often visible on the older lesions. Infected fruit eventually shrivel and become mummified. Mummies provide future sources of inoculum. 

Treatment: Fungicide; However fungicide-resistant strains of peach brown rot do exist in the southeastern U.S.

Estimated Economic Impact: $170 million annually.