Acknowledging RosBREED

It is important (not to mention required) that we acknowledge our funding sources in RosBREED and use the information below.

Funding for RosBREED: Combining disease resistance with horticultural quality in new rosaceous cultivars is provided by the Specialty Crop Research Initiative Competitive Grant 2014-51181-22378 of the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Please cite RosBREED in your presentations that use RosBREED resources, either financially or scientifically. 

Please use RosBREED templates in your poster or oral presentations to maintain the branding of this project.

Presentation Templates

These new templates include the new RosBREED logo, project title, and required USDA logo and acknowledgement, as well as a location for your institutional logo.

Poster Guidelines

  • Use an effective title that explains the research.
  • Use bold, prominent text centered across the top of the poster with authors below in smaller font.
  • Do not use too much text to explain your project purpose, materials and methods or results and discussion.
  • Each sections should be easily identified and located on the poster.
  • Be sure that section headings are centered and aligned with other section headings.
  • Bulleted lists are preferred.

RosBREED Color Palette:

Color Hex Code RGB
  #456F2E 69, 111, 46
  #D7182A 215, 24, 42
  #FCAF17 252, 175, 23
  #583573 89, 54, 116

RosBREED Collage:

Please contact Mercy Olmstead for higher resolution images or an .eps file.


RosBREED Logo with Hand + DNA

RosBREED Banner